Prenatal Classes

Not just another Vancouver prenatal class…

Each and every prenatal class we teach is unique, shaped to your needs and interests as a group.

Are you looking for a Vancouver prenatal class that goes beyond the ordinary?

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While a Birthing From Within® class does cover all the same core information you would find in any prenatal class, our goal is to provide you with something more – offering a blend of information and practical tools together with a deeper sense of personal preparation for birth and new parenthood. This is childbirth preparation for your heart and mind. (Read more about Birthing from Within, a certification many of our experts have and a philosophy we follow/teach to).

We have an agenda of topics (below) we are always sure to cover, but we also strive to tailor the class to your unique needs and interests. The result? You enjoy a childbirth class that prepares you for the full spectrum of what birth can bring – so that you can enter the unknown of your unique birth with a sense of confidence, connection and creativity.

Our Vancouver locations for Birthing from Within prenatal classes include Hastings Sunrise, and Granville Island.

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Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such an informative and intimate class. I cannot tell you how much it has helped us and recommend it to anyone becoming a parent for the first time. read more…

Cost for our Birthing from Within prenatal classes is $325/couple (+gst), including our PDF resource guide, exclusive video series and pain-coping audio CD. Single mother? Class cost is $190 – you are welcome to attend on your own or with a friend. Learn more…

Your prenatal class will include:

  • Small classes of 6-8 couples ensure a personal approach.
  • Stages of labour & birth
  • Learn & practice pain-coping approaches
  • Creating a supportive environment at home and hospital
  • Affirming partner’s role and needs
  • Birth fears, cesarean birth, and informed consent
  • Baby care basics & breastfeeding
  • Postpartum health and transition to parenthood
  • Special PDF Resource Guide
  • Exclusive pain-coping video series and audio CD for practice at home.

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The more I hear of friends’ experiences in traditional prenatal classes, the more I appreciate what we learned & experienced. read more…