Queer Families

We welcome queer families of all sorts in our Vancouver prenatal classes.

A lot of our work is universal, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, because parents are parents. Many of our concerns are the same. Our classes have a lot of discussion, and so it is important to our mentors that everyone feels safe and valued. All our mentors strive for inclusive language, proper pronouns, and an openness to discussion and challenge.

Some couples may want their whole class to deal with issues predominantly facing queer families. We can provide a queer mentor and run a Birthing with Pride class should you and two other queer couples be interested.

We also can highly recommend the Queer and Trans Pregnancy and Parenting Group on facebook as an adjunct to your prenatal class, hosted by the fabulous team at Strathcona Midwifery.

Why do you have a class for “dads”? Why not a partner class?

Fathering roles have been shifting, and we find making room for discussion about the expectations and reality around the idea of “dad” to be valuable. Sometimes the role is about being a partner in a couple. In other ways, it’s about parental identity. “Father” carries associations like provider, or protector, or sometimes like parent who doesn’t know which end of the baby to put a diaper on. If you’re a partner who feels influenced by these ideas, we want you in the class. Your unique perspective and voice are vital in this conversation. You don’t have to be a partner to be a parent, and you don’t have to be a cis-male to be exploring your ideas of “dad”.

Some female partners don’t feel a connection to this energy and want to stay back with the birthing parents. That works too!

Gestational fathers might also be interested in a Dad’s class. It might be valuable if you are not planning on being the primary caregiver. Contact your mentor to talk it through – it is worth exploring which class might be more valuable for you.

There’s a lot of mama talk, and I’m pregnant and don’t identify that way.

Yes, we agree – there is a lot of mama talk. We work with a lot of people who are learning how they fit with that identity or role. We want to make sure we honour your vision and identity too. Let’s touch base before the start of your class in order to have a discussion about what language will speak to you, what pronoun you use, and any particular issues you’d like to have addressed as a birthing trans or genderqueer parent.

Can you talk about inducing lactation? Can you speak about chest-feeding?

Some of our mentors have experience with induced lactation for adoptive or non-birthing parents. Some of our mentors have experience with chestfeeding. Please let us know if either of these are of interest to you in the space provided during registration!

We’re giving birth with a surrogate… can we all come?

We would recommend that a surrogate and her primary labour support come to our standard class; if that’s you, of course. If you’re not going to be labour support, and you’re looking for a prenatal class focusing on baby and postpartum, we can set up a private class in your home that addresses your needs more directly!