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What are you looking for in a prenatal class?

We are proud to have brought Birthing from Within prenatal classes from a “strange new offering” in 2004 to one of the most well-known and highly recommended out-of-hospital prenatal classes in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

It is a privilege to witness the powerful difference Birthing from Within has made in the experiences of so many new families.

We share here some our prenatal class reviews:

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“I have felt so grateful to have found such a special class. From the moment we began, I knew 100% that I was in the right place. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having such awesome resources available. The pain coping, breathing, etc that we learned in class was really helpful for me.”

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“It was informative & powerful. We have both reached a new level of excitement, love and sense of being prepared.” ↓

  • “I would like to personally thank the team at Dancing Star Birth for their amazing prenatal class. We are much more confident parents because of all the information we learned.”
  • “I feel less afraid, more willing to embrace and enter fully into the experience—not just wanting it to be over.”
  • “The class helped me really let go during labour and be as primal as I wanted and needed to be.”
  • “I had the book so I “kinda knew what was coming” BUT the depth we went into each exercise combined with the practical knowledge made the book that much more moving. It wasn’t until the class environment that I really made some insightful realizations about my attitude towards birth.”

“We use the knowledge that we learned with Dancing Star Birth every day in our new parenthood adventures. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of such an informative and intimate class. I cannot tell you how much it has helped us and recommend it to anyone becoming a parent for the first time.” ↓

  • “All of the answers, direction, confidence and positive attitudes created an atmosphere of growth.”
  • “You did a fantastic job at balancing medical information with emotions.”
  • “It was great to go to a class that didn’t just teach but enabled us to explore.”
  • “We really, really enjoyed our weekend with you and got a lot more out of it than we expected to. Our instincts are to focus on the “practical” – so for us being able to really let go and get in touch with our hopes and fears that we hadn’t discussed was great.”
  • “We found things from the class helped us that we didn’t even realize at the time. Keep mentally strong, digging deep to remember all the positive things we talked about…YOU CAN DO IT.”
  • “We could not have been better prepared for the wonderful miracle we have just been through.”
  • “We learned a lot, had great time, and we are not as overwhelmed as before – and for that you deserve a big hug!”
  • “Thanks again for all your awesome answers to the endless stream of questions! We both loved the class.”

Birth Partners:
“As a family doctor I am very familiar with the medical model of childbirth. We've tried to embrace a more traditional approach and sought out Dancing Star Birth. You emphasized the normal aspects of childbirth, accessing your inner strength, the role of the partner etc., in just the way we needed.” ↓

  • “We were so lucky to have you lead the discussions because you explained in a way that my partner and I both could understand, even though we both have different learning styles.”
  • “The class definitely met and exceeded my expectations. My experience was confirmed on Monday afternoon when I came home to a bouquet of flowers from my husband with a note saying that ‘he is ready!’”
  • “It opened up my fears about his expectations, and allowed us to communicate openly. This was difficult, but very valuable.”
  • “I have to say I was reluctant to go, as many men must be, but I am really glad I did. I learned a lot of what I needed to know to be prepared for this process emotionally and mentally.”
  • “Our group was pretty amazing. I wasn’t altogether keen on attending a group session I have to admit but I found it to be a very positive experience.”
  • “My husband was hesitant as he had heard from other guys that prenatal classes were boring. He was pleasantly surprised by your class and felt more prepared. That speaks wonders!”
  • “I’m so happy – I knew he was joking about the drinking in a bar during the birth, but he’s COMPLETELY into it now. :)”
  • “My husband and I loved our prenatal class with you and we are constantly talking about it and referencing things that you said.”

Embracing the Unknown:
“It not only helped my labour tremendously, but also helped our relationship, opening up communication and our confidence as a team together, playing to our strengths and embracing what the other has to offer. I can't say enough great things about the course, it really changed my life for the better.” ↓

  • “The class turned our birth into a joy rather than a source of dread.”
  • “I am so glad our mentor talked to us about C-sections because I ended up having an emergency one!! It was A LOT less frightening because I knew what to expect.”
  • “Thank you for such an inspiring and empowering class. I was able to face my own fears that I had been avoiding.”
  • “The class turned our birth into a joy rather than a source of dread.”
  • “As you so rightly made clear, our children are beautifully born into the world, whether or not they need assistance. Our cesarean birth was an amazing and life changing event.”
  • “Your cesarean role play made all the difference in being able to find strength and joy in our son’s birth.”
  • “Being able to reframe our situation and make our cesarean birth feel like our birth helped make it an amazing experience.”
  • “You really put things into focus for me; I feel much more prepared for whatever should come my way.”

Our Team of Childbirth Mentors:
“Our classes were full of laughter, connection, learning, sincerity, and fun, all thanks to your genuine and heartfelt approach.” ↓

  • “I loved how you taught. It felt relaxed, fun and yet I was taking in new information the whole time.”
  • “Your energy is wonderful; it is uplifting to see someone who has found their calling and excels at it.”
  • “I can’t adequately express my appreciation for what you do…”
  • “The more I hear of friends’ experiences in traditional prenatal classes, the more I appreciate what we experienced.”
  • “Our teacher was FABULOUS! She was warm and caring, friendly yet not overbearing. She allowed discussions to naturally take place with the appropriate amount of guidance.”
  • “Our instructor was lovely – but as she warned at the outset – she was going to push our buttons and make us uncomfortable – because birth certainly isn’t comfortable. I appreciated this as it better prepared my mind for what’s coming rather than try to sugar-coat issues. At times one could feel a tension arise with some feeling uncomfortable with difficult topics but she was great at acknowledging their discomfort and at the same time easing their tension with her own accepting attitude.”
  • “You will always stay in our memory and in our hearts as a part of this fantastic journey!”
  • “Thank you for the AWESOME instruction, guidance, support and understanding.”
  • “Your knowledge and how you conveyed all the information without any bias one way or another was so valuable to us.”

You have shaped who I am as a mother. I found power through Birthing from Within and Birthing Again. Found best friends through Mothers Unfolding. What are you going to do for us when we become empty nesters? I hope you are present through every stage of the most amazing transformation of my life.

We strive to support you not only through your first pregnancy with Birthing from Within prenatal classes and when you’re ready to welcome another child into your life with Birthing Again Workshops. Many of our clients have been with us for years, enjoying each unique offering as their family grows.