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Mothers Unfolding – Vancouver Mom and Baby Groups offering Support, Community & Insight

motheringcircleAfter the labour, birth, and first busy days of visits and checkups there comes a quiet, precious, and sometimes terrifying moment. You look the curving cheek of your baby, their tiny perfect fist closed around your finger, and realize that you’re a mother now and forever. You might wonder how any imperfect, inexpert person can be left alone to take care of a life so beautiful and new… You might reach out for expert resources on sleep, feeding, or development only to feel tugged in many directions by conflicting suggestions. And we all want to get it right for our babies!

Our postpartum classes offer support of a different sort. We make space and ask questions to help you learn how to choose a path and tools that are right for your unique family.

Created for new moms with pre-crawling babies, Mothers Unfolding is a five-week class that creates a safe and intimate space to talk about the first half-year of parenting. Find community with other women who are also stepping new into this role, and share the laughter – and tears – of new motherhood. Take space to voice those things you wish you’d known, the things you’re struggling to understand, and the joys you can barely contain. The bonds formed are so strong that most groups continue beyond our time together for months or even years to come.

I have grown as a mama, supported, entertained and loved by the most wonderful and amazing group of women, and your gentle guidance started us all off on the right path

Who are you becoming? … What are you letting go of?

Together we explore:

  • Birth of a Mother – Identity & Motherhood
  • Changing Relationships – Friends, Family, Partners
  • Finding Balance – Baby, Home, Love, Work & Life
  • Intuition – Finding our Own Way
  • Community – Redefining our Support Network.

Cost for Mothers Unfolding – our mom and baby group – is $140 & sliding scale is available upon request. These mom and baby group classes are held in the heritage brick of Yoga on 7th off Main Street (Vancouver). These classes are ideal for new mothers with pre-crawling babies.

Mom and Baby Circle Drop In

Included with your prenatal course is one of our post-partum drop-in sessions. Meet up with other moms, show off your beautiful baby, ask questions, share your favorite new tricks, and learn a little bit about self-care! $10 for new clients.

This is not to be confused with a community drop-in group. The bonds grow much deeper even though our backgrounds and beliefs are varied.

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Click here to enjoy our free e-guide to your first weeks as a new family, filled with ideas from us and the Dancing Star Birth community of families. Includes over $150 in coupons for wonderful Lower Mainland services to support your new family.


Mama Renew – Group for Experienced Moms

Have older children? Join us for Mama Renew, a retreat-based experience for experienced moms with kids between 1 and 18 full of inspiration, clarity, laughter, and community. Email us to find out when our next retreat will be>>