bfwtrainingfrom Arwen

Birthing From Within has an intro training returning June 21-23 here in Vancouver.

I remember getting ready for my own training. I remember another birth worker promising me it’d blow my mind.

It didn’t.

Oh, it was life-changing. It was the first step in a process that’s been life affirming, that has made me feel more resilient, happier, and more honest and engaged in both birth work and in other aspects of my life. But my mind wasn’t blown, because Birthing From Within didn’t feel new; it felt like the articulation of deep truths, familiar ideas that I’d never quite had the words for.

My training was in Seattle. I was a brand new driver (having only gotten my license at 37), and a brand new doula (having been a software engineer until the fall previous), and I took my brand new smart phone into an unfamiliar city and used it to guide me from crummy hotel to community centre. There Virginia Bobro lead a merry band of holistic health practitioners through the hopeful and hurt parts of the human psyche, showing us where we might find resilience hiding, in ourselves and in our clients.

One of the reasons I took my first doula training was because I’d had one good friend who lost twins in her second trimester, and another who’d lost a baby at full term. I wanted to walk open eyed into birth, respectful and yet unafraid: a terrified doula is support to no one. So in case my friend needed me again, I wanted to receive support.

Birthing From Within gave me that in so many more ways than just with birth. I have learned how to be with grief, how to be present in hard situations, without clenching tight with fear. I’ve learned how to be comfortable being human. When I’m having a terrible day and feeling like I’m failing myself I’ve learned how to lean into it, to find the next best thing. It’s helped me as a birth worker, a writer, a friend, a partner, and a sister. It’s even helped me as a mother, even though parenting is hard.

There’s a training coming in June. It might blow your mind. Or it might just make the world a little more beautiful.