One of the wonderful doulas in our community, Rheja Gilchrist, submitted the following:

“My good friend Fiona Black wrote the poem below when she was creating her Self-love Mama workshop. Her daughter was wee at the time. The funny thing is that, though my daughters are now grown and having their own babies, these words describe beautifully the journey I have had with them all these years.  There is a power and an unrelenting force that comes to us, bearing down with an intensity unlike anything else on the planet: the power of Motherhood.  We dig deep into a well that we didn’t even know existed, into the depths of ourselves, to find that we DO have whatever it takes to be there for our children.  Though it is often hard, and we do fall down (I have learned how to apologize to my kids) we always pick ourselves up again.  Forever the dance.  Thank you for teaching me, my daughters.”


I didn’t really know what I was made ofBeyond Human Limits
until you came along
I didn’t know how far my body could stretch
or how soft I would become

I began to understand my nature
the older you became
As you reflected back to me my unconscious
the stones I’d never dared un-turn

Until you forced me
with your beautiful eyes
and temperament so strong
until you pushed me to know my limits
I didn’t know how strong I could become

And each and every day with you
I learn a little more
about patience and loving kindness
frustration, anger and feeling raw

I love you beyond all time and space
no human limits bind this love
It’s a love of the eternal kind
Lily, my love, my light, my world
– by Fiona Black


We are excited to be featuring the work of writers, doulas, and other parents in our community as a regular feature on our blog.