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Supporting Single Mothers

For every parent, pregnancy is a time of dreaming about an unpredictable future. As prenatal mentors in our childbirth classes, we work to help every parent to find the internal and external resources to walk with confidence into the unknown.

When moms are solo parenting by choice or by chance, we know sometimes the resources may look practically different – but we also don’t wish to assume your situation.

Please bring your questions and concerns to class so that we can be of most help. Some of our mentors are solo parents, and some of us were raised by single parents. We are excited for you and your baby, and hope to be part of your community of support.

As we know there are often financial stresses in solo-parenting, we offer all single moms a lower rate of $190+gst in our Birthing from Within childbirth classes. You are still invited to bring a doula, sister, mother, or other birth partner to the class if helpful.

One of the things we’ve found helpful in an ongoing fashion are the great support programs at YWCA:

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