New Dads and Prenatal Classes

We know that prenatal classes aren’t always at the top of the “fun” list for new dads. Images of charts, lectures and awkward birth videos come to mind.

We promise that our prenatal class for both of you! Expectant new dads are respected as full participants, not just companions or observers.

With each aspect of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, we include your unique perspective and experience. In addition to the wealth of information and support, many men find our classes help build a sense of confidence and excitement, and feel more connected to their partner and baby.

It is only after a class has ended that we get the hugs and smiles from satisfied new dads who let us know that they hadn’t really wanted to come, but are *so* so glad that they did!

“I have to say I was reluctant to go, as many men must be, but I am really glad I did. I learned a lot of what I needed to know to be prepared for this process emotionally and mentally.” read more…

Each Class has Special Session for Dads

Each prenatal class includes a session for dads with an experienced father.

  • Birth: The Dad perspective on labour support.
  • Bonding: Supporting your unique relationship with baby.
  • Becoming Dad: Defining who you want to be as a father.
  • Being Dad: Strategies for work-family balance & paternity leave.

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