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Our Childbirth Education Team of Birthing from Within Mentors

Over 3,000 new families have enjoyed our informative & transformative Birthing From Within childbirth classes. Together our team of Birthing from Within mentors represents over three decades of experience, and a collective 65 years of mothering our children. We actively support one another as childbirth educators and seek to enhance what we offer our clients with each class we teach.

(We’ve handpicked this fantastic team of doulas and childbirth educators to support your family.)


{ Owner, Birthing from Within, Mama Renew & Mothers Unfolding }
Judy McLaren Vancouver childbirth educator
I am a seasoned birth doula, breastfeeding counselor and Birthing from Within Mentor. I was drawn into birth work through the quality care I received in my first birth, and am now the mother of three wonderful children. Birthing from Within has truly revolutionized my doula care, mentoring and motherhood. I love how it helps you go beyond the surface to your intuitive knowing, and offers a chance to practice the mindset needed to birth, no matter what happens and no matter what you decide.
{ Mothers Unfolding }
Bethan Stewart Dancing Star Birth
Bethan’s own transition to parenthood (with three busy boys!) brought out new wisdom in her – a deep understanding of the support that new moms need against isolation of new motherhood. She started working as a doula, but now brings her support to our Mothers Unfolding and Mama Renew programs. You can contact her at bethan@dancingstarbirth.ca.
{ Birthing from Within, Mothers Unfolding }
Lindsay Heller Dancing Star Birth childbirth educator
Lindsay brings to her classes a balance of straight-talking pragmatism and a huge heart. Her background in research science means she has some special skills in finding answers to tricky questions, but her empathy is what drew us to her as a mentor. She’s both a prenatal and mothers unfolding mentor, and is “second generation” DSB – she’s came through our programs with her own pregnancies and postpartum periods! You can also find Lindsay working as a birth doula and a Midwives’ Assistant at Westside Midwives.
{ Birthing From Within }
Katie Mackenzie Dancing Star Birth childbirth educator
Katie has been a doula for almost a decade – and though she loves attending births, her biggest passion in the work is lending support as mothers, fathers and families are born. As one of our Birthing From Within trained childbirth educators, she is able to support a huge number of families! She is a grounded mentor with an easy laugh.
{ Birthing From Within }
Amanda Peters, doula and mentor
Amanda’s got a quiet and calming presence; her gentle energy surrounds her unflinching knowledge. Trained through the intensive Pacific Rim doula program, Amanda is not just a knowledgeable doula and mentor but also an herbalist with a view towards holistic care. Amanda’s doula page can be found at Embrace Birth Doula Care.
{ Birthing From Within }
Marta Becker Dancing Star Birth childbirth educator
Marta’s background in international development brings a whole different set of experiences than most mentors, but her call to this work is similar – she felt the deep transformation of birth working in her own life. Unexpectedly, training from her other career lines up with her Birthing From Within work – supporting social change in the world and supporting new parents share a few skills! As a doula, Marta can be contacted at marta@dancingstarbirth.ca.
{ Birthing from Within }
Dori Harrison, Dancing Star Birth
Dori brings warm and practical energy to all that she does. As an artist and mother, she has an amazing ability to tap into the power of both intuition and self-belief, and to share this power with those in her classes. With a wide and open smile, Dori helps new families consider how they might cope with the unknown experiences of birth and new parenting. Find Dori’s doula services at Ripening.ca
{ Birthing from Within }
Robin Gale, Dancing Star Birth
We were so deeply saddened when Robin’s family moved to Victoria, as we would miss her deep compassion and wicked sense of humour. Luckily for us, she comes back to mentor weekends – and now Victoria gets to have classes with her as well! As a birth doula, postpartum doula and as a mothering circle facilitator, she provides support to a full range of families.
“I don’t know if it’s the knowledge of birth and parenting, the pain coping techniques, the connection with other couples or the skillful way that fears are addressed, but clients come away with confidence about their upcoming birth, no matter what form that experience may take.” – Kat Montgomery, Registered Midwife. read more…